What’s included?

Our standard package includes a year’s worth of story prompts for one storyteller, unlimited collaborators (people with whom the storyteller’s stories are shared), and one color hardcover book. Shipping is free.

Is the content created on Remento secure?

Yes, everything created with Remento is private by default, meaning you control who sees your content.

Can I download my content?

Yes! All the content created on Remento is yours and can be downloaded at any time.

Does Remento work in languages other than English?

Remento currently only supports English recordings. However, we're excited to support additional languages soon!

Does Remento ship outside the US?

Remento offers free shipping within the United States, and can ship to 70 other countries and territories for an additional fee. Read more here

What happens at the end of the year?

At any point over the year, you can turn the collected stories into a keepsake book. At the end of year, we’ll contact you about renewing your subscription to maintain full access to the digital platform. A second year subscription will cost $99 to maintain your digital hub. You can download your content at any time.

How are story prompts delivered to the Storyteller?

Each week, the Storyteller receives a new prompt delivered right to their email. No downloads or logins are required.

How are the spoken responses turned into written stories?

Remento uses Speech-To-Story™ technology that transcribes the Storyteller's audio or video response into a beautifully written story.

Can I purchase additional books?

Yes! Additional books are available for either $69 (20-200 pages) or $99 (201-480 pages).

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