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Remento vs Storyworth

You’ve probably heard of how Storyworth turns a loved one's stories into a keepsake book. If so, you might be wondering about the differences between Remento and Storyworth. Here's an overview to help you decide which of the two products is best for you.

Overview: Comparing Storyworth and Remento

First, let’s compare the core offerings of each service. Storyworth and Remento are priced comparably and both result in the creation of a keepsake book. The main difference lies in the journey of creating the book itself, plus the final product.

Weekly prompts delivered via email
Speech-to-text reflections
Use photos to prompt stories
Share recordings with family
QR codes in book link to recordings
Book included in price
Color Book
B&W Book
Size of book
8"x 10"
6"x 9"
Price for additional copy of book
Communication method
SMS or Email
Email only

Comparing how stories are shared

Storyworth storytellers type written responses to a new prompt each week.

Remento storytellers record their answers to a new prompt each week - no writing, downloads, or logins required. Plus, recordings can be shared from any internet enabled device, including phones, tablets, and computers. Then, Remento's Speech-To-Story™ technology automatically transforms these recordings into written stories. 

Remento storytellers record their responses - no writing required

Comparing prompts

Storyworth storytellers have access to a bank of questions, or can write their own.

Remento has a bank of questions developed by professional storytellers and memory scientists, as well as the ability to write your own questions. Remento storytellers can also share reflections about photos - which often result in far more vivid memory recall. With this capability, storytellers can offer memories behind childhood photos, share stories of yearbook pictures, and reflect on the meaning of photographed family heirlooms.

Remento lets you use photos to inspire reflection as well as written prompts.

Comparing the final book

Storyworth books are hardcover and printed in black and white.

Remento books are hardcover and printed in color. Plus, each chapter features a QR code that links to the originally recorded content. That means you're never without the voice of the book's author.

Remento Books are color printed and feature QR codes that link to the original recordings.

Comparing how easy it is to share stories

Storyworth can be used by anyone who can log into the Storyworth website and type their stories into their online story editor.

Remento was designed with our grandparents in mind and can be used by anyone who can navigate their email or send a text message. Unlike other storytelling platforms, Remento is completely web-based, which means there are no downloads or logins required to share a new recording each week. You can preview the recording experience here.

Hear about 89-year-old Gerald P’s experience using Remento

Comparing who else can be involved

Storyworth offers basic features that enable the sharing of new stories.

Remento makes it easy to invite the entire family to participate in the exploration of a loved one's stories each week. All invited family members receive a summary of each new story in their inbox after submission. These people can add photos, ask questions, share kudos, and more.

Remento makes exploring family stories a family affair.

Comparing what people are saying

Storyworth customers love that Storyworth makes a great gift for aspiring autobiographers eager to document memories in a structured way. However, people who enjoy writing less find the weekly writing assignments tedious and wish there were more ways to customize the experience.

Also, some Storyworth storytellers wish there were were more ways to involve their family in the year-long writing experience. Read more Storyworth reviews here.

Remento customers love that Remento is both a great gift to give and receive. Remento storytellers enjoy sharing stories without the requirement of writing, and appreciate that they can use any device without any downloads, logins, or passwords. Their families love that Remento delivers both written stories and also recordings of their loved ones speaking about their memories, and then combines the two into a book full of QR codes that link the two together forever.

Both storytellers and their families admire that Remento makes the process of documenting family stories a true family activity - anyone can pick questions, add photos, and participate in polls that allow others to “vote” on what stories they’re most excited to learn. Then, when a new story is recorded, Remento sends each person a written summary of the new story as well as a link to watch it for themselves. Read more Remento reviews here.

Remento customers describe their experience using Remento.

What’s the overall summary?

Storyworth is a product best suited for aspiring autobiographers interested in writing a book themselves. If you or your loved one has been waiting for the chance to write a memoir, Storyworth is a great way to structure that process.

Remento is for those excited about capturing stories, but less excited about writing them all down. Remento makes the capture of stories easy and quick, meaning it's perfect for those with a bit less patience. It's also well suited for those eager to collect the stories behind old photos. Plus, by documenting more than just written words, Remento offers a mixed-media final product designed to feel more like a living collection of stories versus a static book.

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