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Capture your family’s most treasured memories.

Remento’s thoughtful prompts, simple recording tools and beautiful private library make it easy to collect the stories that matter most.

Connect through conversations

Remento makes it effortless to start conversations with expert-curated prompts and simple recording tools.

Bring your family history to life

Remento organizes your family’s memories so they’re a delight to browse & revisit.

Preserve your family’s treasured memories

Your memories are too precious to lose. Remento keeps them safe and private.

Our reviews say it all

An incredible experience
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Like a lot of people, I only learned about my Dad’s life in little snippets, spread over the course of many years. Remento is a game changer because it prompted us to talk about a wide variety of experiences from his life growing up as a child, his immigration to the US, and his life with my Mom. It was an incredible experience to hear him reminisce on his life arc and I’m excited to be able to add to this library over time.

Brilliant app cherishes relationships
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"There is no value that we can place on the memories of our loved ones. This not only helps to guide meaningfully discussions, but importantly captures sentimental elements like voice, emotion, expressions that are otherwise lost over time. Highly recommend this platform for all types of relationships!"

Thoughtful and oh so special
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"This app has given me a way to connect with my family and even friends in a deep and meaningful way. It’s clear a lot of thought went into the design and structure - it’s super intuitive and easy to use. I know I’m creating special memories IN the app, but even more it’s given me a chance to connect with the people I love. Thank you!!"


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Remento cost?
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The Remento iOS app is free. The Remento iOS app is free and available for download in the Apple App Store. Making the app free to use reflects our genuine belief that everyone should be able to have meaningful experiences like this. In the future, we may introduce optional premium features and functionality.

What is Remento for?
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Remento is a science-backed tool for guiding and capturing family stories through conversation. Remento helps people discover, document, and more deeply appreciate their family story in a new way. The Remento iOS app makes it easy to host a conversation with a family member that uncovers precious memories from their past. Whether it's reflections on monumental moments or the joys of everyday life, Remento brings families together through shared exploration of the often overlooked truths that made our nearest and dearest who they are today. In doing so, these conversations break down barriers across generations, breed connection through curiosity, and remind us that understanding our own story starts by listening to the stories of others.

How do I get Remento?
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Download the iOS App. You can find the free app in the Apple App store.

Android coming soon!

Who can see the content I create with Remento?
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You control who sees your Remento recordings. By default, Remento is private and secure. The recordings you create in the Remento app are stored locally on your device. You can download and share them at any time. You own your content and control who has access. Remento is not a social media platform; there are no followers or likes or public feed of content and no ads. We do not monetize your data nor sell it to other entities.


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