Our story

A health crisis in our co-founder Charlie’s family planted the seeds for Remento. When his mother was diagnosed with cancer, the family realized they lacked photos and videos that really captured her essence. This was in sharp contrast to the long, spontaneous family home-video footage they had from the 90s.

Charlie and his sister wanted more. They planned and recorded conversations with their mom to create a time capsule of her best stories for future generations. They wanted to create a few videos, but the conversation and exploration that unfolded proved to be so much more. It became a learning opportunity that strengthened their relationships and left them more deeply connected then they ever could have imagined.

Bringing families like Charlie’s together is what Remento is all about. It’s a set of tools to capture and organize every word and every nuance of family stories. It’s a support system for guiding conversations and asking questions. But it’s also an experience: an opportunity to create more meaningful memories.

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